Tuesday, October 22, 2019

aerosmith essays

aerosmith essays Cause and Effect Aerosmith In this capitalist society where trends and popular opinions drastically sway the value of arts, it is rather difficult for artists to cleave to their original preferences throughout their careers. This was certainly the case for the popular band Aerosmith who initially had started as a rock band and had then turned into a pop band. In this short paper, I will explain how Aerosmiths drug issues had eventually become the cause for this change in music style. Founded in the early seventies by Steven Tyler, Joe Perry and Ray Tabano, Aerosmith originally began as a rock band. Although Ray Tabano leaves the band, Aerosmith is soon joined by Tom Hamilton, Brad Whitford and Joey Kramer who further strengthened their rock music. Performing their self-made music at local bars, Aerosmtih soon attracted rock fans from all over the United States. After signing with Columbia records in 1973, Aerosmith gradually gained popularity as a hard rock band producing hit singles such as Dream On. Building a strong, targeted fan base, the rock band continuously released hit albums and eventually became one of the significant icons in the genre of rock music. However, the sex, drugs and rock-n-roll band faces a sharp decline in popularity and sales in the late seventies when the members experience serious drug problems. Needless to say, their incessant drug abuse led to bad publicity and performance. To illustrate, the band frequently destroyed hotel rooms with chainsaws, took drugs during performances, attacked fans and so on. Named as the Toxic Twins, Tyler and Perry spent most of their money on drugs and soon went bankrupt. To make matters even worse, Perry and Whitford leave the band in 1979 after a quarrel. Aerosmith had lost most of their loyal fans and was headed for their withdrawal from the music industry. Something...

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